Sunday, August 29, 2010

Emanuel Berg wins Kristiansund Grand Prix 2010

Final standings.
It was a close finish, where the first prize changed several times during the last hour. In the end the Swede Emanuel Berg had the best tiebreak. Six of the top nine players came from Sweden.

Vladimir Georgiev (2nd), Emanuel Berg (1st) and Evgeny Romanov (3rd).

Mats Peter Henøen (3rd), Øyvind Hoem Vaseng (1st) and Olav Skjetnemark (2nd).

Last round with Nils Grandelius, Emanuel Berg, Joachim Thomasson, Tiger Hillarp and Tore Kolås.

Johannes Haug was one of the happy prize winners. There were many books and chess boards signed by Polgar, Carlsen, Anand, Hammer and Kosteniuk.

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