Friday, August 27, 2010

Results round 2

Standings: Group A / Group B
Pairings: Group A / Group B

Games: Round 1 (7 games)

Viswanathan Anand & Magnus Carlsen have arrived. Today they had some promotional activities, handing out chess boards at the local schools.

Torstein Bae will do commentary on Anand & Carlsen.

Anders Olsen is the strongest player living in Kristiansund. He was lucky to win on time in the second round.

Vegard Simensen is a big talent. In the first round he blundered in the time trouble and lost.

Emanuel Berg playing Alexandra Kosteniuk. Berg was a pawn up in the knight endgame, but had only minutes for the rest of the game. In an amazing finish he managed to win. The game can be seen in tomorrow's bulletin.

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