Friday, August 27, 2010

Results round 3

A lot happened during the second day. FM Joachim Thomasson, who has already qualified for the IM-title, is first with 3/3. In round 4 he plays GM Evgeny Romanov, who is shared second after having won an interesting game against GM Vladimir Georgiev.

GM Alexandra Kosteniuk had a tough game, losing two endgames against swedish players. Both games are annotated in the bulletin.

Standings: Group A / Group B
Pairings: Group A / Group B

Games: Day 1 (7 games) / Day 2 (4 games)

Bulletin: Day 1 / Day 2

Stenersen, Sivertsen & Hillarp on a boat trip to Grip. Photo: TW Hoem
Aage Sivertsen sings (!) for the players.

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